Friday, September 29, 2006

the 2.0 syndrome (PoC 2.0)

K. I admit, the 2.0 syndrome has hit me too. I have been watching all these 2.0 applications sprout up, and am taken up by it. I have seen numerous applications branded 2.0, and have seen social bookmarking sites like digg, netscape (my very own,, wikipedia, community driven sites, blogs across multitudes of platforms, blog aggregators like planet identity, etc.

I wondered if all these social 2.0 sites really made any money. I then thought of starting an experiment…. just to see what community involvement really meant. Is is just a bunch of folks who want to be heard, or folks who really involve themselves in the technology that they preach. But being in the identity space, I wanted to come up with a cocktail recipe that had a flavor of wiki’s, aggregation, tags, community commenting, the ability to modify anything, the ability to post anything. So I though of putting up a RSS feed aggregator which enabled folks to not only submit their feeds, but also vote on them, archive them, publish them, comment on individual posts, tag the articles etc… I used pat’s planetidentity’s opml feed for a starting point, and here’s what I came up with. The IDENTITY BlogReGator

Here’s the thought behind it. planetidentity started off as an aggregator for IDENTITY related blogs. But not every blog owner/blogger blogs about identity all the time, there’s numerous posts about cats, dogs, bicycles, airplanes, war, terrorism, saussage and eggs, and even sex. So basically what we end up with is just another aggregator. I wondered on how an aggregator could be setup to filter out the non subject matter related posts. Filtering on tags was one way, filtering on categories was another, but not everybody uses tags and categorizes their posts. I wanted to setup a community driven aggregator, where the community itself would decide on which posts from the aggregated feeds are relevant to the subject matter, the community would tag the posts, publish them, archive them and also edit them and comment on them. Basically this aggregator follows the OPEN DOORS policy where the community would drive the content and it’s visibility without the hassle submitting forms… no login, no authentication… (no infocard, well, if I am to accept any infocard presented, why should I accept any crediential at all, I’m gonna let everybody in) the community itself administers the site.

here’s what you can do… check out the site, play around with the several features that I have embedded into it (I’m in the process of embedding more as time goes by), submit your own feeds if you’d like, publish other posts if you find them relevant, delete posts if you think they are stupid, comment on others posts, edit other comments, and posts… basically let yourself loose and do anything you’d like…

All I want out of this is to see how much this community that cares so much about identity, web2.0 and community driven sites really involve themselves. This is PoC 2.0.

I’m gonna let the results themselves speak for itself. No involvement means nobody really gives a damn. It’s all hogwash… small talk… If the involvement increases, well, I wonder what the point really is ? thats something I would invesi=tigate and learn from later. and if folks simply launch a war by modifying the content of each others feeds/posts, then we are at war a 2.0 war, and if someone deletes everthing from my site, that someone really hates me… show me some love folks, check out the site and let me know what you think of it?

here’s the URL to my PoC 2.0 again : IDENTITYGANG.COM -> make this your planetidentity. Pat can have his planet (just a joke pat, no offense. i’ve been told that you have a great sense of humor.)