Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've been spammed !!!

man !! my spam filter is going haywire today… in the last hast hour I have received 2500 spam emails sent to me…. Somebody seems to love me a whole lot…

shall update you on this soon…

[ UPDATE 1 ] Looks like somone is running a bot that sends emails out to folks “worldwide” which appears to have been sent by me !!! all the emails I received are auto responders that are automatically delivered by spam filters, or virus filters, or automated vacation responders, or subscriptions to mailgroups/listservers from folks to the “sender” which appears to contain email addressess that seem to have been sent from a domain that I own (ie: this domain). MAN oh MAN I’m in deep @$%# !!!!

[ UPDATE 2 ] I’m archiving all the spam sent to me, and would be posting them on the web soon. I have setup a auto-publish blog @ spam-showcase.blogspot.com, that automatically publishes all the spam I receive from now on forwards. However my mail spam filter catches 60% of the spam and I have not yet figured out how to forward the mail that gets filtered into my spam folder to the auto-publishing blog. I have almost 2500 messages sitting in my spam mail folder. I wonder how I could publish them automatically.

[ UPDATE 3 ] All the emails sent out seem to have a consistent message. It’s about some Human Growth Hormone…. Anybody heard of sixyearslines.com or sixyearsfile.com or sixyearsrow.com or sixyearsrange.com ?. All These domains seem to be owned by Paul Gregoire paulgreg@smxbox.com, Bulk Domain Registration, 175 Montreal Road #304, Ottawa, Ontario K1L 6E4, Canada. Phone: 1-613-482-5333. and all the domains seem to have DNS servers based in china… I’m on a wild goose chase…

[ UPDATE 4 ] The google groups admin.net-abuse.sightings list has tons of information pointing to exactly the same source spammer. Any advise for me folks ?

[ UPDATE 5 ] spam-showcase.blogspot.com is not picking up all the spam because there are too many emails every second and it could also be because I’m using the blogger beta service. I’m turning spam-showcase.blogspot.com off for now.

[ UPDATE 6 ] I’ve changed the visibility on my spam showcase hosted at blogspot to “private” which can ve viewed by invitation only. The reason for doing so is because some of the bounced emails have actual names, email addresses and phone numbers from autoresponders of REAL innocent folks, and I didnt want to make that info “public”. If you wish to take a peek, contact me.


SpamIsLame said...

Your spammer is Alex Polyakov. Evidence:


Polyakov is an asshole and currently the #1 spammer in the world. (Something I'm sure he's proud of, right up there with his links to creating and selling child pornography - lots of evidence for that as well.)

The "Paul Gregoire" alias is one he has been using for years now. All of that information is completely fake and therefore fraudulent.

That address is a strip club in Ottawa called "The Playmate Club."


The phone number is for the cellphone of a woman in Montreal who has no idea who Paul Gregoire is.

There is no "#304". It's a strip club, not an apartment or office building.

Alternately, the name "Gregory William" or "Gregory Williams" has been substituted instead of Paul Gregoire.

I would be very interested in seeing the spammed domains, as the FTC, ICANN and the FBI are all monitoring this activity. They are all well aware of this alias and Polyakov's use of it for spamming purposes. Your contact link is busted so I can't contact you for access to it. Let me know how to contact you so that I can assist in investigating the spammed domains. I'm willing to wager there are a ton of links to sites for "My Canadian Pharmacy", a 100% illegal operation also under international law enforcement investigation as we speak.

Let me know.