Sunday, September 17, 2006

myspace hacked

Well, again, i’d start with the phrase, this aint a hack but rather an exploit. Well the header of this post does mentions the term “hack’, but folks, that was intentional…. just to grab you attention.

SO: now if I have your attention for a lil bit,

MySpace has this real nice interface which enables one to download MP3 stuff… even after the much acclaimed notorious napster episode. Well, this time around, it’s MySpace MP3 gopher, A standalone application that enables you to download a MP3 file even if the said artists download of that particular MP3 audio file has been banned.

MySpace MP3 Gopher

Here’s the MySpace MP3 Gopher download link, and the direct link to the .exe file. The MySpace MP3 gopher runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP & Vista. You could also preview the MP3 download prior to downloadning the entire file using the MP3 MySpace Gopher preview. All you gotto do for enabling the preview is to download this dll and place it in the same directory as your application…

This sure aint the 2.0 world I envisioned…

your thoughts ?